About NGEN 3D

Our 3D printing origin story began with our work in mechanical engineering and machine design. The ability to create custom parts in-house and rapidly iterate on designs naturally pushed us into adopting the technology. We did not have to find uses for 3D printing. It found its way into nearly every stage of our design and production cycle by being so darned useful. NGEN 3D now focuses on leveraging what we have learned using 3D printing in industrial and production settings to help businesses get the most value possible out of the technology.

"That's cool, but why are you printing airplanes now?"

Good question. About 3 years ago now, we were approached by Eclipson about the possibility of producing some of their airplanes for use in video production on the FliteTest YouTube channel. We quickly fell in love with their products, over time producing aircraft for a number of videos. We started thinking about offering them for retail sale. Although we focus on helping our business customers get the most out of 3D printing, building and flying these airplanes, and being a part of this community is just irresistably fun and rewarding. Thus the decision was made to partner up with Eclipson and offer a small production run of these airplane kits for sale. Each plane is built to order, with the same meticulous attention to detail that our industrial customers have come to expect.